Sorry I’ve been gone awhile. Everything was going smoothly and everyone was keeping me busy and then the COVID-19 slammed the breaks on.

Paddy is senior in high school – Everything canceled.

Kitty Kat is an 8th grader – Everything canceled.

Stu is now working from home.

I am now doing what I can to work from home, but as a receptionist at a school, it isn’t enough work to keep me busy. But I do what I can to help the teachers transition from classrooms to virtual.

So, note to all the parents out there with an ADHD child going through all of this. Remember that our minds need rest more than others. Our minds move so fast that it becomes exhausting.

Many of us also have what I call “The Loop”. It’s when one thought commands our attention and continuously loops over and over again. It’s kinda like a music ear work, but words not songs. It’s impossible to get rid of and then panic sets in because it cannot be hushed.

This means that the child with ADHD will need more distractions. I know, sounds strange. But we will need music playing, an open book, a deck of cards, just something that we can randomly do while doing our homework or chores. If our mind is busy, we can control the loop better. However, not electronics. For some reason all the pretty colors on screens puts us into lala land way to fast.

Hang in their parents! If things get too bad, just have them run around the house a few times to get the energy out. Remember the join compression’s help! Jumping jacks, push ups, burpees… anything that puts pressure on the joints.

We can do this isolation thing without going too insane. I promise.

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