Being ADHD is nothing to be ashamed about. Why anyone would think otherwise is beyond my comprehension.

I had a parent tell me the other day that at another school the teachers were telling their son not to tell anyone that he had ADHD. They told him that it would be best that way. Although I can somewhat understand where they were coming from, that is, not wanting him to be teased and bullied, I cannot believe that they would attempt to “protect” a child by shaming him. Yes, it is shaming him.

If someone tells you to keep a secret because of a diagnosis, then that means you should be ashamed that you received the diagnosis. There is really no other way to look at it. And this is just a child!

Instead, the teachers should have taken the opportunity to educate the class. If this child had been diagnosed with diabetes, tourettes, epilepsy, or leukemia the school would have used this as a learning experience for the children. However, with ADHD, they hushed the child.

Naturally, at the school I work at, when I was told of his diagnosis, I gave him a fit bump and welcomed him to the club. He was so excited. I told him he could come to me anytime he needed with questions or to just talk. The smile on his face was reward enough.

There is nothing shameful about having ADHD. We just think differently and react to stimuli differently. It isn’t contagious. Well, at least, physically. Mentally, we do have a tendency to hype up any crowd but that’s another story all together.

Children need to learn to embrace their differences. It really is that simple.

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