I am not a criminal.

There, I said it. I wish certain people would believe me.

For the vast majority of our families prescription medication, I can walk into any pharmacy in the US and get the prescriptions filled no questions asked. It doesn’t matter which pharmacy I go to. I am allowed to get my medication.

However, try to do that with ADHD meds. You will get the third degree.

“Why are you getting this filled here?”

“What made you come in to get this filled in this particular pharmacy?”

“You can’t get this filled here. We have met our quota this month of patients for this type of medication. You will have to go to a smaller pharmacy with less patients.”

Yes, these are all exact quotes. You see, I forgot to get my ADHD meds filled after the summer (I don’t take my meds over the summer because I work in the office at a school and have the summer months off.) I wanted to go to the convenient drive thru at the CVS I drive past every day to get home from work. I usually go inside the Target CVS but I have to drive past my house and the traffic at the end of the work day is chaotic. But, I was unable to get my legal prescription filled because I don’t usually go to that specific pharmacy. Both are CVS. CVS is the preferred pharmacy for my insurance. However, I went to the wrong CVS. It is very frustrating.

Even at the Target CVS I was questioned. They know me there and I could tell they were a bit embarrassed to ask me the questions, but the computer forced these questions upon me. Why did I go two months without getting a prescription filled? Why am I at this pharmacy when I tried to get it filled at the other location? (Yes, they put it in the computer and flagged my account just because I tried to go to the more convenient location to me when I ran out of meds.)

To put simply, I was treated like I did something wrong. I have ADHD and I forgot to get my prescription filled before running out. One of the biggest symptoms of ADHD is forgetting important things. Yet, I’m not allowed to forget these things because of the new laws in my state.

More “simplicity” for you is the fact that if I get my prescriptions filled every month religiously I would not have to deal with these questions. However, I do not take the medication every day – only when I need them. Same is true for my children. We only take the stimulant medication when we need them, not every day. But legislation wants us to fill the prescription as if we take it every day in order for us to not have to feel like a criminal. This is a nightmare.

Many people look at me and roll their eyes and think it is a simple solution of just filling the darned prescription every month. However, with three of us on these medications, the amount of left over pills we have would more than likely be an excess of what a pharmacy with state of the art security is allowed to have left over at the end of the month. Lets do the math:

There are approximately 180 school days. Let’s just assume that me and the kids do not miss any days of school/work and take our meds all 180 days. There are also events that happen during the year that means we take our meds on non school days. Let’s be extremely generous and say there are 20 extra days (The equivalent of 4 work weeks) that we take our meds. That would be 200 days out of the year that we need to take our meds. That leaves 165 days in a year that we are medication free. (And, of course, this assumes that we remember to take the meds every time we need them.) However, legislation now demands that we fill our meds every 30 days without fail. This means we would have 165 extra pills per person every year and we have 3 people on these specific medications. That means we would have 495 left over pills every year in our house at the end of every year. Medications that are considered a controlled substance. Medications that the pharmacy cannot have an overstock of in their secured and locked safe. Medications that are sold on the black market. Medications that many non-ADHD teens take to get high. So the powers that be in the legislation want me to have 495 extra pills at the end of the year with two teenagers living in my house with I don’t even know how many teenagers coming and going on a weekly basis.

All of this, and study after study after study after study have proven that this medication is NOT over prescribed anymore and actually under prescribed now a days. It is just a medication that is sold on the black market by criminals who do not get the medication in pharmacies.

It’s time to lighten up the legislation. Stop treating us like criminals. Let’s bring common sense back into the equation and don’t force me to have 495 extra pills every year in order to not be treated like a criminal.

We need to stop treating non criminals like criminals. It is so frustrating.

One thought on “Treated Like a Criminal

  1. It’s a shame that ADHD is still dismissed and looked down on as “not a serious problem”, and that medication is given so begrudgingly. My mom was only able to start college for the first time in her life in her 50s after getting her ADHD finally diagnosed and medicated. It makes a huge difference.


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