Yes, I’m a Marvel fan. I have been for several decades when I first got my hands on an X-Men comic book in the 1980’s. I did occasionally dabble in the Catwoman comics, but that was my only DC luxury. I liked the more uplifting stories of Marvel versus the darker realities that is DC.

So, imagine my dismay when my son came to me and told me that DC television was better than anything Marvel had done. Sure, he was just saying that to get under my skin. He loves the Marvel Cinematic Universe as much as I do, however confessed to be watching DC television shows behind my back. He told me that I didn’t need to watch them, and assured me I wasn’t missing anything. But then, he started making noises about me watching DC Legends of Tomorrow that is on the CW. So, recently, we have been binging episodes through Netflix to catch me up. I have to admit, I’m enjoying it.

Sure, the special effects are about as good as Star Trek TNG (aired 1987-1984) and some might be more in comparable to TOS (aired 1966-1969). But, stories aren’t all about special effects, especially science fiction stories. This is something that has been lost for some time on the cinematic X-Men movies. The special effects don’t need to be perfect for a story to be good.

I enjoy the characters in the show. They are not perfect, which is always fun to watch in superhero shows. They fight each other, bicker, and make very bad decisions. Decisions so bad that it may take several episodes to right the wrongs. As a matter of fact, two of the characters in the first season are not hero’s at all. They are criminals that do not like to be considered hero’s. Sometimes it is difficult for them to not to rob someone, which leads to hilarious events.

The plots are sometimes laughable, and in order to enjoy the show you have to allow for an element of stupidity. There are times that the costumes from one edit to another are a bit off and the plot is sometimes questionable, along with some really bad dialogue. However, the characters are just so intriguing to me, I’m hooked.

The premise of the story for the second season is a group of misfits travel through time in order to protect the timeline from time pirates. (The first season was close to this premise, but the group of misfits were the ones messing up the timeline). So, they go into history quite a bit. I love the stories that are in the 1940’s with the women not behaving as they should. Or the Civil War one when the two African American characters see the brutality of slavery. Naturally, the confederate soldiers were zombies in that one, which of course led to some very hysterical moments. They do take liberties, because it is science fiction. But these liberties are fun.

So, if you are a Marvel Sci Fi nut like me, you may want to check out the Legends TV show. It’s fun! And it isn’t too dark like many DC stories are. This show may get me to watch The Flash too, as it is kinda of an extension of that show.

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