Dear Parents who are ashamed, embarrassed, or otherwise ignorant with ADHD children,


Just.  Stop.

You’re child needs you to be their advocate, not to quiet them.

You’re child needs you to be their voice, not to shush them.

You’re child needs you to be their rock, not to squash them.

You’re child needs you.

You’re child with ADHD is you’re child.  Just because they have a diagnosis of ADHD doesn’t mean that they need to be quiet about this diagnosis.  It just means that they need you to stand behind them in a Mama/Papa bear position a bit more.  They need you to arrange meetings at the schools that other parents don’t get.  They need you to be on a first name basis with their childrens’ teacher, something else that other parents rarely get.

They need you to climb onto the top of a mountain and shout to the heavens that you’re child is ADHD and announce to everyone that there is nothing wrong with that.  They need you to be proud of who they are and tell them that they have nothing to be ashamed of.

So, just stop telling them to be quiet about the diagnosis.

Have them climb the mountain with you and scream that they are perfect in who they are.  Be proud of them!

Stop being an embarrasment to them.  Yes, I said it.  It is not they who are embarrassing you, it is you who are embarrassing them.

They are who they are.  They need you.  And you know what?  You will find that when you accept their diagnosis, that you needed them to.  This is because ADHD children are remarkable in how they think.  They are remarkable when given the tools to shine.

All children are a blessing.  ADHD children are nothing more than just spices on the blessing.


An ADHD parent with ADHD children.

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