To medicate or not to medicate, that is not the question for this blog today.

There is no question, to be honest.  Let’s jump to the end and begin that the decision to medicate has already been made.  First, I must begin with a disclaimer:  Medication is not the answer to all the problems with ADHD.  You must have behavior management with the medication in order for it to work efficiently and affectedly.  But I digress.

The biggest problem with most of the medication for ADHD is not the side affects or the fact that, for the most part, you are pumping your body or your child’s body full of stimulants.  The biggest problem is that these stimulants are a controlled substance.  To put specifically, they are a Schedule II drug in the Controlled Substance Act for the United States.  They are in the same class of drugs as Opium, Codeine, and PCP.  This means we must jump through hoops, perform stupid human tricks, and a bunch of other time squelching and mind numbing performances just to get our legal prescription filled.

The reason for this is because there be criminals out there who sell these drugs or misuse these drugs.  Therefore everyone must be treated like a criminal first and we must then prove we are not criminals in order to get our much-needed medication.

So goes the must be innocent until proven guilty thought process right down the proverbial toilet.  And so the insanity begins.

For my children, in order to get their prescription I must physically go to the doctor’s office every month and pick up the piece of paper (which, by the way, would be very easy to duplicate using any photo shop type program) and then hand deliver it to the pharmacy.  Using the doctor to directly contact the pharmacy in order to obtain such a prescription is forbidden by law.  For me, my doctor is allowed to hand me three months of prescriptions that I hold onto (I am forbidden by law to have the pharmacy keep these prescriptions for me) and fill every month.  It is illegal to have refills on most ADHD medications so I have to go hand deliver a written prescription every month.  Oh, and we also must have a driver’s license or other form of photo ID in order to fill the prescription.

And then, to add to all of this, the pharmacy can only stock so much of the controlled substance which means, just because you have a prescription doesn’t mean that the pharmacy can actually fill the prescription. The pharmacy is also not allowed to give you what they have in stock if they only have 10 pills and not 30 pills and then fill the remainder of the prescription when they get it.  Nope, can’t do that either to help us out.  And insurance company’s don’t take kindly to someone doing the pharmacy hop anymore to find a pharmacy that has your medication in stock.

I’m unsure as to why it is not safer to just have the doctor’s contact the pharmacy in order to fill the prescription or to allow the pharmacies to actually keep it in stock like other medicines.  I’m also unsure why there cannot be any refills on a medication that must be taken daily.  How this keeps us all “safe” is beyond my comprehension, and also the doctors comprehension.

And with all of these “precautions” the past 15 years have seen on increase in prescription drug misuse.  So, we jump through hoops and nothing has helped the misuse of these drugs.  It is so very frustrating.

The insanity circle continues.  I jump through hoops every month just so my children and I can have our needed medication.  All because people out there figure out how to obtain the medication illegally and take it.  Instead of going after the people who take it illegally, our illustrious politicians have made it harder to obtain the drug legally, all while obtaining it illegally has obviously gotten easier.

Oi Vey.

One thought on “There be Criminals Out There

  1. I get it. I asked my pharmacist about going on vacation, foiling away for the summer and things of that sort, it would probably be easier to find a drug dealer to get these things than going through the legal channels. It is so frustrating.


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