Nearly 5 million children have it.  Every year 20% of children will be diagnosed with it.  Almost 20% of adults also have it.  I’m discussing mental health issues and its something that should be discussed to the affect daylight savings time has on us.   Mental health issues range from ADHD, anxiety, bipolar, mood disorders, depression, etc.  For all these disorders, adults and children alike know that a good sleep schedule is imperative to staying mentally healthy.   It doesn’t take a genius to understand that “daylight savings time” is equivalent to mental death for people with mental health problems.

It’s not like there haven’t been numerous media attention and studies on the subject.   Even with people without mental health issues, changing time causes cardiac issues, stroke, cortisol production, and vehicular accidents in the first 3 weeks of the time change.  So, why do we do it?

I mean, even research has shown that there are no benefits to conserving energy with it. Add this with the mental health problems with people and it seems like a no brainer to get rid of it.

For the next several weeks my children and I will be having major issues with our mental health and we will not be sleeping well.  Almost 20% of American will also experience the same problems.  It is time we stop this ludicrous practice.

Stop the madness!

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